Successful issuance of post-2012 CERs from three CDM Projects in India by Infinite Solutions

Infinite Solutions today announces the successful issuance of 243,431 post-2012 vintage CERs from its three CDM projects in India. While two projects are wind based projects (33.6 MW and 4 MW respectively) and located in the state of Maharashtra India, the third project is a 5 MW hydro project in Himachal Pradesh, India. The details of the issuances are as below:

  • Wind power project at Jaibhim by SIIL (CDM 6456): 162,395 CERs
  • Wind power project at Landewadi by SIIL (CDM 6113): 16,528 CERs
  • 7 MW Bundled Hydro power project at Himachal Pradesh of Raajratna Energy Holdings Pvt. Ltd (CDM 9111): 64,508 CERs

Beyond the avoidance of GHG emissions, the project activities help improve local living conditions by creating jobs and income for the local residents, thus supporting the local economy. The project’s electricity generation is also contributing to reduce India’s dependency on fossil energy sources and to stabilize power supply for businesses and private households.

Infinite Solutions supported the issuance of CERs from all the 3 projects. It has also assisted in contracting MBA Trading Ltd, Infinite Solutions’ Preferred Trading Partner, for sale of CERs from the 2 wind projects. Infinite Solutions is in the process of looking for suitable buyers for the hydro project.

Further information about these CDM Projects, including their co-benefits, can be found at:

For further information regarding the projects, please contact Mr. Jimmy Sah or Mr. Deepak Jain.