Nature Based Solutions Hiring

Job Description:

This position provides an opportunity to work
with companies who are passionate towards
Sustainability. You will be part of the team to
working on Nature Based solutions,
Sustainability topics, Energy, CSR as well as
Water related aspects in the industry at
national and International Level. This position
might require occasional travel.


  • Master’s in Forestry, Environment science,
    and Natural resource management.
  • Ph.D in the same.
  • Candidates with forestry background
    Would be preferred.


  • Excellent oral and written skills in English
    and other international languages are a
  • Advance skills with the use of the MS Office
    Suite, GIS based software.
  • Experience of working in forestry domain
    is must.
  • Self-motivated, Willingness to learn new
    topics able to work under pressure.
  • Strong presentation, Analytical, Planning
    and Organizational skills.
  • Inclination towards research continuous
    reading, learning and exploring new topics.
    Willingness to read and understand details
    of new trends in Sustainability.



  • Managing & Executing projects under
    Various GHG Mitigation programs/
    mechanism like CDM, VCS/VERRA, GS4GG
    & GCC etc., which includes:
  • Client Interactions, site visits, meetings &
    discussions to perform an initial
    assessment of the projects (Nature Based
    Solutions. E.g. ARR, IFM, REDD & other
    eligible industrial projects under various
  • Project due diligence and applicability
    check w.r.t program guidance
  • Project Documentation Development in
    accordance with the respective program
  • Development of emission reduction
    calculation as per the applicable
  • Handling Project Validation/audits to
    resolve the non-conformities/queries with
    the respective guidance under different
    voluntary & compliance mechanism
  • Developing financial modelling of the
    project in line with requirement of
    respective GHG program guidance
  • Handling Project emission reduction
    verification audits to get the successful
    issuance of ER (Emission Reduction) under
    different GHG mitigating programs
  • Conduct Stakeholder Consultation as per
    the respective guidance requirement
  • Preparation of Documentation as per
    designated national authority (DNA) -
    Indian (MOEF & CC) Ministry Compliance
    C(NCDMA), Procuring Host Country
    Approval (HCA)
  • Data/Document identification, collection,
    and further submission to auditors to
    complete the successful validation &
    verification audits of the respective
  • Mentoring & Developing downline
    executives for handling the projects
  • Involvement in Execution of Carbon
    modelling & growth assessment in line
    with GHG protocol & ISO 14064
  • Client interaction, site visits, Boundary
    identification, Data/Document
    identification, collection, and further
    submission to auditors to complete the
    GHG footprint report as per the audit
    requirement of the respective projects
    Preparing yourself for the new project
    streams like water footprint assessment,
    plastic waste reduction program
    development, Forestry projects etc


Send your resume/CV at:

[email protected]

Send your resume/CV at: [email protected]