Biomass Project in Andhra Pradesh

The project has been commissioned by Godrej Agrovet Limited, a part of Godrej Group which is one of the largest professionally run private-sector groups in India and has emerged as a major industrial and agricultural conglomerate acclaimed for the excellent quality of its products and services. Godrej follows a Good & Green Product policy, i.e. having a third of its portfolio revenues comprising good and/or green products and services – defined as products that are environmentally superior or addresses a critical social issue (e.g., health, sanitation, disease prevention) for consumers at the bottom of the income pyramid.

The project is a co-generation unit and has commissioned one 35 TPH biomass based boiler and a 2.5 MW turbine generator. The generated steam and electricity is used to meet the captive demand of a Greenfield palm oil production unit. The project will use in-house generated renewable biomass fibre, shell and empty fruit bunches in the palm fruit processing facility to meet its energy requirements.

Sustainable Benefits


All senior management employees are from local communities. Employee benefits include medical scheme, mobile bill allowance, providing uniforms as well as a host of other benefits.

Environment & Diversity

The plant helps conserve local resources, reduces pressure on the local environment and provides improved health in addition to other environmental benefits. At the same time, uncontrolled burning of biomass in the absence of project activity is prevented by use in power plant under controlled conditions, thus reducing the production of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases.

Education & Children

GAVL recognizes the potential of children of employees by gifting them a congratulatory letter and a cheque on successful completion of middle and higher school. Moreover, employees in the grade of Executive and below are eligible for Education Grant to one child. The employee can choose the child to whom this will be applicable.

Training & Upskilling

GAVL applies philosophy that learning is based on the ‘70-20-10’ principle – 70% of the learning happens on the job, 20% through feedback, coaching and mentoring and 10% through training, executive programs, books and online learning. Supervisors play a critical role in facilitating learning and development. The Company provides continuous skill up gradation and learning opportunities through structured career discussions and individual development plans.

Household Savings & Livelihoods

GAVL has partnered with Drishtee (meaning vision), an NGO, to train farmers in Cattle Husbandry to impact the milk yield growth and general health of cattle’s through best management practices. Drishtee has facilitated and supported a network of over 14,000 rural enterprises to cater to the critical needs of base of the pyramid.

Training & Upskilling

Swadheen (meaning self-motivated) provides vocational training and career guidance to young boys and girls from urban and rural communities in pre-identified trades as part of secondary school curriculum. Girls and boys in the age group of 14 – 16 who are studying in secondary schools participate in these training programs. GAVL funds the program and provides the subject matter expertise with a view to transfer modern agriculture and animal husbandry technologies/best practices (among other areas) to rural population and promote livelihood via occupation of agriculture and animal husbandry.

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