Biomass Project in Maharashtra

Gangakhed Sugar & Energy Limited is an Integrated Cane Processing Plant (ICPP) located in the cane surplus district of Parbhani, Maharashtra. GSEL has adopted energy optimizing devices to maximize surplus energy from bagasse. The by-products of the process, namely molasses and bagasse, are used in the distillery to manufacture ethanol and as fuel for the boilers of co-generation plant respectively. Ethanol Plant is a zero discharge plant having its own 1.8 MW co-generation plant. Investments have also been made in upgrading existing technology to avail of benefits like lower steam consumption, reduced moisture content and improved quality. The company has installed a high pressure boiler enabling it produce 30 MW co-generation. Excess generated electricity is supplied to the grid.

Sustainable Benefits


Strong relationship with its farmers. Efforts have been made to include farmers as stakeholders of the Company; currently more than 10,000 farmers are stakeholders.


Marathwada, where the project activity is situated, is one of the worst drought affected regions in India. We ensure availability and supply of drinking water to nearby villages every year free of cost from own tankers. More than 100 bore wells have been adopted in the most rain affected area. All the bore wells are kept ready and in service by providing all pipeline fittings, motors and its pumps. During the summer season, drinking water points are made available at special public places like Bus Stand, Railway station, Market area etc.


Undertook various initiatives to reduce water footprint which led to companies water requirement reducing from 4000 CMD to 1500 CMD.


Built a total of 138 Bandharas (or small dams for storage of water) covering an area of 650 hectares for enhancing the ground water level for farming while also providing 198 drip sets to farmers across 2 villages.

Local Economy & Infrastructure

Developed 50 km rural roads and other infrastructure from own funds.

Household Savings & Livelihoods

Distributed Mini Tractors to cane harvesting workers to strengthen their financial condition and give them an opportunity to be a cane supplier and transporter.

Education & Children

To fulfill the dream of providing quality education to the students of rural area and transform their lives, a CBSE school has been started in rural area.

Training & Upskilling

Skill development program has been developed and implemented through Industrial Training Center.

Health & Hygiene

Organizing a massive health checkup campaign on 12th August every year which is totally free of cost and with more than 8000 patients getting benefited.

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