Bundled Solar Project in India

India, which is the world’s third-largest carbon emitter, is dependent on coal for about two-thirds of its energy needs while solar adds a little more than 2% to the Indian power mix. However, India is trying hard to secure the future of its coming generations to fulfill its energy needs and is embracing cleaner technologies such as solar to feed its growing economy. This project involves installation of 10.9 MW Solar Projects spread across Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Sustainable Benefits

Household Savings & Livelihoods

The project provides jobs to local workers for the operation of the solar project and offers generous wages and social security contributions.

Local Economy & Infrastructure

The generated electricity will be fed into the grid, thereby improving the grid frequency and availability of electricity, thus contributing in the development of the country.

Local Economy & Infrastructure

The project activity would enhance availability of power to the local industries, agriculture and commercial activities in the vicinity of the project area by augmenting power supply to the grid, thereby improving quality of power supplied to various users by stabilizing the grid.

Training & Upskilling

The project activity leads to enhanced training for 8 employees for managing and monitoring the solar projects the leading to enhanced quality of employment.

Health & Hygiene

With regard to the health and safety of the staff as well as local villagers, a first aid kit has been provided at the working areas, regular technical and safety training’s are organized periodically, and emergency and safety procedures are included in the operation manual to ensure safe working condition for the staff.

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