216 MW Kamuthi Solar Power Project

Solar Energy

About the Project

The main purpose of this project activity is to generate clean form of electricity through renewable solar energy source for sale of electricity to the grid. Kamuthi Solar Power Limited (KSPL) is the promoter of the proposed project activity and is the holding company of both the project investors in this project activity. The project activity involves installation of 216 MWac (corresponding 261 MWp) solar power project in Tamil Nadu. The project will replace anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG’s) estimated to be approximately 3,46,117 tCO2e per year, thereon displacing 3,58,559 MWh/year amount of electricity from the generation-mix of power plants connected to the Indian electricity grid, which is mainly dominated by thermal/fossil fuel based power plant. Total estimated GHG emission reductions for the chosen 10 year renewable crediting period will be 34,61,169 tonnes of CO2.


Tamil Nadu, India



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The Benefits

At a time when pollution and the effects of climate change are making headlines almost everywhere in India, this comes as welcome news. The Kamuthi Solar Power Project, completed in Tamil Nadu recently, has been hailed as the world's largest solar power plant. The plant covers an area of 2,500 acres, which, to put it in perspective, is enough space to organise 476 parallel football matches. It has a capacity of 648 MW of clean, green power, and will provide electricity to 1.5 lakh homes. The cost of building the plant was $679 million (approximately Rs 4,500 crore). The solar power plant contains 25 lakh individual solar panels. These panels are cleaned on a daily basis by a robotic system, which is in turn charged by solar power, thereby making it a self sustaining system.

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