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Infinite Solutions is an international “Environment & Sustainability Consulting Company”, with office in India. With our in-depth experience, we are supporting private and public sector organizations by imparting tailor-made solutions to achieve Climate Change and Sustainability objectives.

We believe in global solidarity to fight against global challenge of Climate Change. We aspire to work for sustainable future while making our business effective over a long term horizon. Every tonne of emission avoided matters. That’s our motto. Small acts create big impact and thus, we are committed to promote sustainable development not just among our clients, but also truly follow the path which we so passionately promote.

- Sumeet Singhvi, Chief Executive Officer


We help our clients globally to develop and finance their projects to reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity, and bring real benefits for local communities, all at the same time.

Climate Solution

We assist our clients to remain active on their environmental journey by make them aware of climate risk and suggesting them solutions that are ,sustainable and climate neutral.

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