Mission Zero – Transform

Energy Management System

To help you to achieve energy savings with the help of data, specialized systems, and detailed analysis. To efficiently use raw data as a useful management information we “Develop”, “Implement”, and “Maintain” energy systems to generate sizeable ROI for your business.

We drive - to reduce your operating cost by finding opportunities and implementing efficient measures for invoice validation, reporting and technological review except than basic data storage.

We Comply - to keep organization’s energy legislative compliance (like ESOS, EU ETS and SECR, MCPD, MEES etc.) in accordance with the changing demands by ensuring right systems and processes.

We Protect - to keep organization’s safe against energy market changes. We help you to emerge as a more energy efficient business by giving you protection against increasing energy prices, levies, and any future energy market volatility.

We Work - to better manage sustainability reporting and achievements as per your need that can be showcased in front of your stakeholders, that how you achieved your ambitious climate targets.

Carbon Neutrality

To enable you to become a carbon neutral business, we suggest ways to reduce your emissions, offsetting your existing footprint via the purchase of carbon credits. From start to finish, we “Assist”, “Design”, and “Implement” your carbon neutral strategy.

We Support - to company’s values and priorities by aligning efficiently carbon offsetting projects, or helping to finance renewable infrastructure to decarbonise energy supply.

We Align - to various Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) for all our projects by taking responsibility of creating impact and suggesting every measure possible to reduce global warming.

We Audit - to ensure our clients of the robustness of the projects they are investing in, by managing the verification and credit retirement process on international carbon registries and providing certification of offsets.

We Help - to validate or calculate your footprint to be offset so that you can make a credible carbon neutral claim, also by supporting you in gaining PAS 2060 or PAS 2050 carbon neutral certification.

Carbon Pricing

To enable you to understand the mechanisms for carbon pricing, we "Assess", "Work", and "Provide" you thorough guidance on directing flows of funds towards climate compatible initiatives and low-carbon transition.

We Help - to make business deal with all aspects of the carbon pricing process and implementation of an internal price fort carbon offering.

We Plan - to transform your organization with a comprehensive, bespoke and tailor-made approach to make carbon pricing a real driver.

We Calculate - to establishing the right internal carbon price for you taking in consideration your climate strategy and related specific constraints, and using the correct methodology.

We Monitor - to evaluate the success of carbon pricing strategy and do it as a consistent and continuous practice.

Nature Based Solutions

To support companies to develop their climate projects, we put our experience in bringing nature and communities at centre stage, we "Access", "Align", and "Ensure" solutions to challenges like climate change, access to water, social and economic development and disaster risk.

We Commit - to help company’s source carbon credits from projects, certified as per international standards, providing measurable benefits to the operational ecosystems and communities.

We Align - to company’s values and priorities by creating best portfolio of projects which play an important role in the global transition to Net Zero.

We Help - to implement innovative nature based solutions like improving the health and livelihoods of communities, reducing deforestation, or helping to finance renewable infrastructure to decarbonise energy supplies.

We Ensure - to in-line with international best practices and rigorous compliance processes relating to verification, carbon credit retirement & offset certification.

Carbon Offsetting Project Development

To support real socio-economic benefits, and sustainable development along with carbon offsetting project development, we "Develop", "Execute", and "Get our projects certified" by a third party based on the international standards to assure the measured and verified delivery of carbon credits as well as social values.

We Support - to design projects for our clients that reduce emissions, sustainable, and delivers best value to people’s lives on the basis of knowledge of international system and processes, and project engineering support.

We Collaborate - to not only deploy projects globally, but also ensure long term efficient and effective implementation and management of project on ground with the support of specialised national and international team.

We Adhere - to the best internationally recognized and appropriate standards of projects as per our client’s requirements. Best practices followed by us ensure the delivery of robust, third-party certified products and impacts.

We Partner - to provide our clients admittance to a broad portfolio of sustainable assets and high-quality certified carbon projects. Besides our projects, we partner globally and conduct thorough study on project investment.

Carbon In-setting Projects

To help our clients in deciding which projects should be implemented for emission reduction taking in consideration client’s specific focus and feasibility. We “Define”, “Design”, and “Develop”, the criteria for insetting projects in the same way as it does for offsetting projects.

We Measure - to implement the project within the scope of climate management. A company can implement insetting in parallel with offsetting.

We Design - to strategize, so as emissions and its impacts are avoided, reduced or sequestered upstream or downstream within the company's own value chain.

We Follow-up - to ascertain the level of implementation of recommendation and assist in implementing the measures to achieve Carbon Insetting.

We Implement - once we design the strategy to reduce the emission & its impacts, we help in implementing the strategy by trainings & other means.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

To enable you to take right decisions on climate and sustainability, we understand the environmental impacts of your products and services throughout their entire life cycle. We "Assess", "Identify", and "Enable" our clients to make informed choices.

We Measure - to support businesses by turning analysis into effective strategies. We measure emissions across complex value chains, and supporting businesses in understanding how to turn this analysis into effective strategies for minimising environmental impact and enhancing commercial value.

We Access - to know the environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its life – from raw material extraction, manufacture and use, to end-of-life disposal, recycling or reuse, LCA future proof’s an organisation and deliver commercial returns.

We Compare - to identify environmental hotspots in the lifecycle, LCA is a powerful tool in addressing climate change and can help calculate Scope 3 carbon emissions and provides with a robust strategy for emissions reduction.

We Study - to understand the scope of the LCA, for full value chain or simple assessments. We can also enable your organisation to carry out mini-LCAs independently by developing ecodesign tools that supports internal innovation process and guiding material choices.