Mission Zero – Plan

Sustainability Strategy

To make the organization and environment benefit at the same time, we “Develop”, “Monitor”, and “Embed” a successful sustainability strategy for your business.

We Review - to manage your resources efficiently, to ensure you are benefitting from your sustainability strategy and taking a positive climate action.

We Prioritize - to understand your focus and your demands along with managing the climate change effectively and efficiently.

We Assess - to see how you are performing to set a benchmark for climate leadership by understanding environmental, social and governance issues within your organization.

We Strategize - to meet climate objective of your business in a coordinated and efficient way.

Carbon Neutrality

To make the stake holder achieve their net zero and green house gas (GHG) Emissions, we “Quantify”, “Set Targets”, “Neutralize”, and “Document”, the counterbalance of carbon sequestration.

We Assist - to design and implement strategies to make your business carbon neutral from beginning till end.

We Align - to various SDGs like health, sustainable economic growth, gender equality, biodiversity and life on land preservation, and last but not the least, tackling climate change.

We Validate - to calculate your footprint and offset your emissions, enabling you to make carbon neutral claim.

We Verify - to ensure robustness of the process, we undertake our own audits taking in consideration verification process and global best practices.

Net Zero Pathway

To help companies to develop and implement their transition plans so as they adjust their business to net zero worlds to “Develop”, “Align”, and “Accelerate” investments and funding.

We Identify - to understand the current performance of stake holders, we identify Climate Risk and Impact Base lining, and assess change initiatives needed to mitigate climate risks.

We Understand - to strategically evaluate the sustainability issues of your business, we assess the changes required in accordance with sustainable investments and implementing strategies.

We Align - to make you achieve your net zero strategy, we align to your organization’s operating model keeping in mind your R&D investment decisions, and related factors.

We Report - to manage the internal and external transparency, we maintain high standards of transparency, assurance and reporting.

Zero Liquid Discharge

To make organization water conscious we "Audit", "Monitor", and "Verify" every detail. ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) is the way in which we lay the foundation for organization to reach ZLD.

We Audit - to quantify the water/waste water volume, our team initially conduct preliminary survey in order to know the source, way & volume of liquid (water/wastewater).

We Assist - to design and implement strategies to make your organization equipped with ZLD we assist from beginning till end. We Monitor - to make organization sustainability strong after implementation we periodically monitored the ZLD process.

We Verify - to ensure robustness of the whole process, we verify details taking in consideration global best practices.

Zero Waste To Landfill

To make organization’s positive progress on reducing waste, along with gaining accurate claims about their achievements, we "Track", "Prepare", "Report", and "Encapsulates" an environmentally friendly philosophy towards reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

We Track - In order to avoid the landfill, we first track the source of waste i.e. generation point, its type, characteristics and quantity.

We Prepare - we prepare the solid strategy how to align waste management goals of any organization to zero waste to landfill. (Recycle, Rethink, Repair, Refuse, Repurpose, Reduce, Reuse).

We Report - to manage the internal and external transparency, we maintain high standards of transparency, assurance and reporting.

We Connect - to improve organization’s waste management, we ensure that resources and cost saving methods are connected effectively and efficiently.

Carbon Offsetting Project Development

To support real socio-economic benefits, and sustainable development along with carbon offsetting project development, we "Develop", "Execute", and "Get our projects certified" by a third party based on the international standards to assure the measured and verified delivery of carbon credits as well as social values.

We Support - to design projects for our clients that reduce emissions, sustainable, and delivers best value to people’s lives on the basis of knowledge of international system and processes, and project engineering support.

We Collaborate - to not only deploy projects globally, but also ensure long term efficient and effective implementation and management of project on ground with the support of specialised national and international team.

We Adhere - to the best internationally recognized and appropriate standards of projects as per our client’s requirements. Best practices followed by us ensure the delivery of robust, third-party certified products and impacts.

We Partner - to provide our clients admittance to a broad portfolio of sustainable assets and high-quality certified carbon projects. Besides our projects, we partner globally and conduct thorough study on project investment.