About Us

Let’s Solve The Problem Of Climate Change Together

Infinite Solutions is an international “Environment & Sustainability Consulting Company”, with office in India. With our in-depth experience, we are supporting private and public sector organizations by imparting tailor-made solutions to achieve Climate Change and Sustainability objectives.

We just don’t advise but help in “Accelerating sustainable growth”. Our core competencies cover products and services related to Waste Elimination, Water Management, Green energy, Carbon Neutrality, Green Investments, Carbon Emissions, and Project Development. We also provide consulting for emissions trading services.


Our vision is to help our commercial, industrial, public, and private sector clients to become carbon neutral by reducing carbon emissions.


Our mission is to keep “Climate Change and Sustainability” in our heart and its execution in head by providing tailor-made, practical, and straight advice to our clients.


We are honest, and trustworthy, believes in delivering sustainable growth to our clients by maintaining environmentally sustainable practices to embed a culture of safety, well-being and innovation.

Why Us

1st Company

  • From India to join the Carbon Neutral Initiative by UNFCCC
  • Global Strategic Partnership with ESG reporting Tool


  • Awarded as Green Future Leadership Award 2019 in Madhya Pradesh by World Federation of CSR Professionals
  • Most Influential Sustainability Leader in India

30+ Million Credits & 150+ Buyers

  • Traded 30+ millions carbon credits so far to 150+ buyers

Projects Globally

  • India, Sri Lanka, Zambia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt,Kuwait, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh,Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Turkey, Kenya

5 Continent - 30 Countries

  • Trading network spread across 5 continent & 30 different Countries.

250+ Projects - 300+ Ongoing

  • Executed 250+ projects Currently working on another 250+ projects including Carbon (CDM. GS. VCS.), I-REC. Carbon foot printing Accreditations and many more...

Key people

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Started operation and transacted first trade under VCS

1st International Project-Kuwait (Flare-gas) 1st Company from India joined UNFCCC-Carbon Neutral Initiative

Traded 2.5+ million Carbon Credits 1st Gold Standard Hydro Project of Sri-Lanka

Proudly Associated FICCI for Carbon foot printing Approved Verifier- Airport Carbon Accreditation Approved Emission Trader by Govt. of India (NHPC)

Receive Green Future Leadership Award in the State | Trade 5+ million Carbon Credits

Initiated Nature Based Solutions | Moved to new office | Team Size -15 members Membership- IETA

Established UK Office & Canada Office | Trade 18+ million credits | 170+ Projects Executed | 20 Team Members

Established 58+ offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai | Received Customer Centric Excellence Award | 230+ Projects Executed

Established 65+ Offices in Kolkata/ Chandigarh/ Pune | Incorporated Dubai office | 270+ Projects Executed