6 Actions Companies Can Adopt To Fight Climate Change

Climate Change is a threat that is posing great danger to all of us. And Carbon Emission is one of the main reasons behind climate change. As of now, India finds itself in the top five carbon emitters along with China, the US, Russia & Japan (Source - https://bit.ly/3BMK0sn). It's a collective responsibility to fight against Climate Change and Companies can play an important role in this regard.

We will tell you about the exact course of action companies can take to fight climate change at an organizational level.

1. Measure and analyze the emissions

It's crucial to know for a company that how much Greenhouse gas emissions are happening at their watch & how are their existence is affecting the climate. For this, many private agencies calculate the carbon footprint and measure the organization's various emissions. Upon analyzing the situation measures can be taken to reduce the overall impact.

2. Reduce energy consumption

Reducing what is already being spent is wise than waiting it out & chasing the after-effects while watching the damage being done in real-time.

Turning off the lights in the office when not in use, Turning off the ACs when not in use. Not engage live sockets when they are not needed, etc can be some of the daily routine actions companies can take to reduce energy consumption at their end to minimize the daily addition of impact on climate.

3. Opt for renewable sources

Renewable sources of energy are again one of the best options; the organization should switch on to. Renewable sources like Solar power, Hydro Power, Wind energy, etc can be used instead of oil, coal, natural gas, etc which are exhaustible & creates an inhabitable environment for all kinds of life forms.

4. Control & Reduce waste generation

Reducing waste generation can be the most effective first-hand job for any company which will directly add value to their initiative against climate change. What it can do is; avoid using disposable cups, the number of paper prints, reusing printed papers as drafts, adopt ways for recycling correctly so that it is properly neutralized, etc can be some of the steps that can be taken.

5. Optimize employees’ transportation

As we know transportation is one of the largest sectors of greenhouse gas emissions but we don't usually consider it as an organization's problem. Well, it counts, everyday travel can bring about successively collective damage which can not be put to rest factoring the comfortability of commute. Nevertheless, introduce new ways to minimize this big chunk of your carbon emission quota. Green Vehicles which runs on CNG can be introduced to cut the emission happening from this part

6. Raise awareness

Being a crucial part of this earth, we are also accountable & responsible for how this planet has come to be. As an individual or an organization; raise awareness amongst peers, friends, colleagues, superiors, and all the stakeholders, so that the ball sets rolling everywhere.

These are some of the best ways which companies can adopt to fight climate change and turn our planet into something much better than what it already is. Continuous efforts will help us get closer and closer to win over the adversities we were doomed to face in the future.

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