Our Team

Shaily did her Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication and then MBA in HR. She is a multi-Skilled professional – Creative Content Writer, Voice-Over Artist, Human-Resource Professional, Digital Marketing Expert. She has 12+ years of experience with reputed companies in varied sectors, (Media, Advertisement, Event, IT, Human Resource).

She started her career as Journalist with top notch media brand of India and spent more than 8+ years in Advertising and Media sector as Journalist, Senior Correspondent, Creative Content Writer, Feature Writer, Live Reporter etc. She also had received “Best Reporting Awards” many times during her career.

Spending lot many years in the media industry, she felt a keen urge to update herself and search for better avenues to maintain equilibrium between work and life.

The result of which, soon she shifted herself from Journalism to IT as Human Resource & Corporate Communication Manager, and then to the Environment Consulting firm.

She was also the casual announcer with “Aakashwani”. She owns a YouTube channel for which she curates videos in her pastime. She is a quick learner and always remains keen to learn new things.

She believes in the philosophy, “Happy is the individual who is living by his hobby” And she has passion for most creative and fun things as her hobbies:

  • Dancing to Stay Stress-Free
  • Writing to Express Freely
  • Travelling to Explore New Places & Culture
  • Reading to Keep Updated her Mind, Body, & Soul